Friday, August 28, 2009

Very Bad News

Hi all, I haven't updated China & Madie's blog for a while been really busy with moving, settling and having my sister visit. China and Madie really enjoyed her here too they love their Auntie. Well when we came home from the airport late on Tuesday we found China with a severe injury. It's a nightmare to come home as normal and then find a furbaby injured! She had wood impaled in her leg, about and inch thick and 4 inches long. We don't know how she did it we think she was chasing something and got her leg stuck somehow in the gate and freaked out and yanked her leg with the wood. Anyway when we got home the blood was all dried on her too so we don't know how long it had been. We took her to an Emergency Vet but because the injury was so bad (jagged and dried) there wasn't very high chances of it recovering and amputation was possible. China would have hated that, she is the temperament that if she doesn't have all four legs she would get really depressed and miserable, so we made the hard decision to let her go. We've been crying ever since and still in shock. It's so painful to loose a loved one she was special, and always was near me she would even get up if I went to the restroom or just a few feet into the kitchen.
Madie doesn't realize that her sister is gone yet.
We will miss her dearly, she was a huge part of our lives for 9 years.