Friday, September 29, 2006

Our Cousins

These are our cousins who belong to Grandpa Johnson. There are 5 of them. The oldest are Charlie and Becky, then comes Emma, and then Emma's puppies Edgar and Eddie. We will introduce you to them. Grandpa Johnson sends Mom lots of photos of them. They just got their own blog, Click Here! They live in Washington State and go hiking in the woods all the time! Like every morning! They are sooo Lucky!

Emma! The mama of Eddie & Edgar
Eddie! Charlie!

A Day at the Lake

Well, we went to the lake and had a lot of fun! As you can see...just click on the photos to see them closer.

Yes I am unashamed to say I am begging for food...but look Auntie Echo asked me if I wanted some! What more can a dog want?
We are the three Pup-keteers!
Cousin Sky! He's so regal.
I'm getting you! I'm getting you!

Look! Look! I'm doing a trick!

LOOK! I'm cute!
See I'm learning my tricks! Did you like that one?
~ Madie

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cousins Emma & Eddie

This is a photo of two of our cousins Emma and Eddie. They are Jack Russel's. Grandpa Brian just sent Mom this photo of them. Grandpa Brian also has three more dogs, we will show you them later though. Emma and Eddie look like a lot of fun...we wish we could play with them, but they live in Washington State. Mom says that's across the country, we figure that means a loooooong car ride. We love car rides, but loooooong ones get boring. Oh and Emma is the one above and Eddie is below. Emma is Eddie's Birth Mom, he's still a puppy and same with his brother Edgar.

Monday, September 25, 2006

It's ME! Madie!

Hey!!! This is one of my puppy photos! Aren't I just adorable and you want to give me treats? Or tug with me? Hummm?! Is my puppy mind control working???
And NO my eyes are NOT blue it's just the light from the flash reflecting. I really have dark brown eyes.
When Mom took this photo I was chewing on my bone, but Mom kept making me look at her and interrupting me! You can even see the bone in my mouth. It was delicious! I love bones.

China & Madie Up and Blogging

Okay so me 'n' Madie wanted our own blog so Mom started one for us. We are going to tell you about our life. We'll share all the pictures Mom takes of us and tell stories of our adventures! Maybe even show you our tricks! We love to get treats, and any bits of food you may want to toss our way. I love to be petted, but Madie would rather play tug or chase after toys that are thrown. We like to play with each other too. I refuse to play tug with her, but I'll occasionally play a short game of keep away with one of her toys. I prefer to wrestle, and chase...much more fun in my opinion.