Friday, March 30, 2007

Suspicious Chicken

I have a bunch of toys, Mom and Papa buy me a new one every now and then because they say I'm good with them. I love them and play with them but I don't destroy them right away. This one is called the Suspicious Chicken and it is very fun to flop around and shake to death. Mom says I look silly running with the chicken cuz it's so big but I think it's way cool. Mom says she doesn't mind getting me that brand of toys because they last me a loooong time and that makes me very happy too. They are the bestest toys ever! Some of them crinkle and ALL of them squeak!
One of my favorite things to do is run around the house squeaking my toys! I just LOVE hearing the squeak! Never get tired of hearing the squeak! Sometimes I'll squeak my toy constantly and run very fast around the house and that makes Mom and Papa laugh! And when they laugh that means they want to play so I take the toy to them and drop it on their feet! Then I tell them okay now tug it, come on tug it, hello, tug it!
Oh and China doesn't care for toys very much I don't know what's wrong with her! AND she doesn't like to tug either! I don't get it because tugging is the best thing ever (that and food)!
China will sometimes take my toys from me it's not because she wants to play with them though. She says that she just wants to preform a minor surgery but I don't believe her! Mom will sometimes find out and save my toy, but there are several severed ears and arms because of China's "surgeries"! She also says Haha I can take your toy from you! That is not very nice! But other than that I love my sister very much and we do have fun together. I guess older sisters get to be bossy sometimes...that's okay because as the little sister I get to bug her when I want too! heeheehee

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

China Cuteness!

Hi everyone, my Papa took some photos of me because he says I look very cute and Mom says that they are very cute too, so I figured I better share them with you.
They really like my muzzle and they like to grab it and kissle it (kissle is a snuggle with kissie noises) and all kinds of stuff. I don't mind too much because when they do that they pet me more too and I get really happy and wag my tail to let them know I'm glad they think I'm cute.
They also tell me I have a "fuzzie muzzie"! Sometimes so I can get some pets or treats I'll rest my head on their lap and give them "cute eyes" and waggle my tail. Sometimes it works really nice...but they don't like it when I nudge their arm with my nose though.
Okay, now that you think I'm cute YOU can give me some pets or treats too!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Hi everyone, my Mom saw me sleepin' by my window and took this photo. She said that I looked cute! I love my window and I trained Mom properly to keep the blinds open just enough and the curtain tied up for me to always look out...if she doesn't I'll just find a way to look out the window anyway and I always end up getting tangled then she gets mad at me for the window tangling me! So I taught her to leave it up for me so I don't get tangled anymore. I love to watch the world from my little window, I wish it was a doggie door though and I could go outside whenever I see kids or people outside. Today I got tired so I just took my nap right by my window.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Hey guess what!!??!! We got to go on a road trip! We love to go places in the car, and this time we went on a looooooooong ride and it wasn't as fun cuz we were seat belted...parents they always ruin fun things for "safety"! But we didn't know where we were going!
The first day was ok we were in the car a lot but Mom and Papa took us for a nice walk in the evening and that was very fun! Papa heard a lady say that China was a "Husky" but we don't think she knew what she was talking about since China doesn't look anything like a Husky! See our friends the AO4 are Siberian Huskies so we know what they look like!
See we got to sleep on our very own bed! That doesn't happen everyday! We couldn't believe it, us get to sleep on a bed all to ourselves?! Mom arranged the blankets for us to get comfy, how nice huh?
Then the next day Mom and Papa said we were going to Go...we still didn't know where, but we figured it had to be good since they kept telling us about it.
THE BEACH! We got to go to the BEACH!!! Wow it was fun! We got to play chase with Papa!
I never been to the beach before but I liked it a whole bunch! Lots to sniff and room to run! ~Madie
I've been to a beach before in California but now I've been to the beach in Florida! Mom says it is Hanna Park in Jacksonville! ~China
I showed Madie how to run in the water, neither of us like to get too wet but it sure feels good on the paws! ~China
There was weird bubble stuffs on the beach, it would run and stuff...I would sometimes chase it but it would sometimes get me too. China didn't know what it was either but it looks like the stuff in the bathtub when Mom takes a bath. ~Madie
We even played chase and wrestled!
See I'm running to see what that water that moves around with the bubbles is, China says that it's called waves...I dunno it chased after me a lot and I would run but sometimes it would get me anyway. ~Madie
See I was trying to get away from the bubbles but they gotted me after all, very freaky! After awhile I got cold so Mom and Papa said we better go cuz they don't want me to get sick...whatever I liked the beach...but it was cold after a little bit. ~Madie
THEN they tortured us and washed us under a facet! They said they didn't want us to get ichy but whatever...see Papa's laughing at me! And people saw me like that, and laughed, and it was really embarrassing! ~Madie
Well I was better off because I'm bigger and didn't get as soaked with ocean water so Papa just washed my bottom half...still it's not fun! ~China

Well after that we had more car time and it was a loooooooooong drive back home! We were happy to get back home though! We love the beach and hope to go again! Mom and Papa said they liked Jacksonville cuz it was very dog friendly, hey, maybe we will move there someday...or just vacation!
~China & Madie

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our Paws

Well we saw the Army of Four's paws so we wanted Mom to show ours too, the bad news is Mom says our feet need grooming, our toe fur needs trimmed and so do our nails...we HATE that!
I think I have a dew claw but not Madie, anyway her feet just look like all fur!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Helping Gardening

Our Mom was putting up photos on her garden blog of how Mom and Papa began the garden and since we helped out we wanted Mom to put the photos of us helping on our blog too!
Madie was still a puppy at this time it was in Feb. 2006!
Mom and Papa said that it was hard work! Hard work? Nah this is fun!See we were very good helpers, I showed the puppy how to dig too she caught on very well. Now I have to say we are never bad and just dig on our own, only when Mom or Papa say it's okay to. Mom says "Dig, dig, dig!" That's when I know to help out and dig. Madie doesn't know that yet but I do so she just follows me, she still hasn't learned a lot of the words Mom and Papa use. Madie says "Okay, now I'm tired"!
We love it when Mom and Papa do gardening because we get to hang out with them outside, and that is always fun!
~China (and Madie)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Family Visits

Our Auntie Echo and Uncle Aaron came to visit us on 1 March! Our Auntie Echo had a baby and they brought the baby to see us! It was so exciting!
See us sniff the baby? It smelled funny, and it kept making noises.
We love our Auntie Echo she's the bestest and always give us pets and massages!
Every time the baby made a noise Madie had to sniff it again. Hey Baby, are you OK?
Here is Uncle Aaron giving China scritches! He gives the best scritches...and gives the best tugs to Madie!
Nap time! We had nap time and Madie, the baby and Uncle Aaron all napped together on the sofa.