Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Madie's first day Home!

These are some puppy photos of Madie's first day in her new home, and her and China meeting for the first time. Madie is 5 months in these photo's. We had gone to visit my family in Iowa for Thanks- giving and they were tired of having a puppy and wanted to give her to us if we loved her. Of course we adored Madie and gladly took her home with us. We were worried about China accepting her since she was an only dog for about 6 years. We prayed that China would accept her and it helped that Madie was still a puppy so China was not threatened and accepted her and started to play with her the very first day! Doesn't China look happy to have a puppy to play with? She used to have doggie friends, but since we moved she didn't have any doggie friends to play with. Now she has Madie to wrestle and chase, and she seems happier.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Favorite Spot

This is our favorite spot in the house to take naps or just chill! Madie gets on the chaise with the soft fuzzy blanket, and mine (China) is right next to it on the floor. Mom usually sits where Madie is, but if Mom isn't there Madie takes the spot. If Mom is there then Madie climbs up too and snuggles. My other favorite spot is anywhere I'm near Mom, the closer the better, but Madie just goes to the Chaise all the time no matter where Mom is.

What's YOUR favorite spot?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Auntie Echo

This is my Auntie Echo! She loves me a lot! She will play tug with me and give me bits of food and everything! I love my Auntie Echo! I wish that she wouldn't pick me up and snuggle me though, but she's so much fun that I still love her anyway.