Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Madie's first day Home!

These are some puppy photos of Madie's first day in her new home, and her and China meeting for the first time. Madie is 5 months in these photo's. We had gone to visit my family in Iowa for Thanks- giving and they were tired of having a puppy and wanted to give her to us if we loved her. Of course we adored Madie and gladly took her home with us. We were worried about China accepting her since she was an only dog for about 6 years. We prayed that China would accept her and it helped that Madie was still a puppy so China was not threatened and accepted her and started to play with her the very first day! Doesn't China look happy to have a puppy to play with? She used to have doggie friends, but since we moved she didn't have any doggie friends to play with. Now she has Madie to wrestle and chase, and she seems happier.

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Mrs. Q and Miss Candi said...

Hi China and Maddie,
Thank you stopping by and visiting me. I love to make new pals. You both are really cute. I have put you on my Christmas Card list. I use to have my blog but mommy is sick and it was just too much work for her to help me so now we share a blog. I loved looking at yours. Looks like you have your mommy well trained as I do.
We have to keep our mommys wrapped around our paws.
Miss Candi