Thursday, October 12, 2006

Favorite Spot

This is our favorite spot in the house to take naps or just chill! Madie gets on the chaise with the soft fuzzy blanket, and mine (China) is right next to it on the floor. Mom usually sits where Madie is, but if Mom isn't there Madie takes the spot. If Mom is there then Madie climbs up too and snuggles. My other favorite spot is anywhere I'm near Mom, the closer the better, but Madie just goes to the Chaise all the time no matter where Mom is.

What's YOUR favorite spot?

1 comment:

Echo and Aaron said...

SUCH CUTE LIL PUPPIES!!! I miss the MUZZLES!!! I need PUPPIES!!! lol... I wuv my Sky but he's like an old man :( ... perhaps I should give him some espresso to get a boost outta him?!