Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mom likes to take pics of me she says I'm cute!!! I love to do clicker training it's really fun!!! Oh and my other ear became a pricked ear too when I got around 10wks old!!!
I also like to go outside, it's really fun and I like to play with Madie too!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Videos of Us Playing

Mom's been taking lots of videos of us getting used to each other and playing, but she's been slacking in putting them up here on our blog!!! She uses the excuse that a puppy takes up a lot of time but you know what I find time to nap so if I find time to nap she can find time to help us blog!!! Anyway here's a lot of our vids over the last few weeks going from oldest to newest!!! ~ Madie

Jumping Foxtails!!!

I like to go out and 'splore the back yard but everytime I go out there I come back in with these foxtails all over me!!! I don't know how it happens they just jump on me!!!
Then I have to let Mom or Papa check me to get them out!!! I don't want them to get in my skin and have to have surgery again like last year that was icky!!!
There's always a big pile of them after Mom or Papa pick them all out! And this pile isn't even as big as it can be!!!
Dumb jumping foxtails...I wish they would leave me alone!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Second Day

Hi everybody here is some photos of my second day in my furever home! My sister started to like me better and she started to play with me a little bit!

I also got to go to a human's birthday party and meet people!!! I got to meet all kinds of people it was really fun! I only have a couple photos of people I met but I met a lot more
I liked this lady a lot too and I napped on her lap I was really sleepy after meeting so many people!
Then later on at home I played some more I really like my little blue hippo it's just my size!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Hi! I'm Ginger!

Hi I'm Ginger and here are some photos of my first day in my furever home! This is my Mom! I was so excited when I got out of the kennel and I crawled all over her and sniffed and licked and they took lots and lots of photos because I moved so fast it was hard to capture a photo of me!
See how happy I am to meet my new Mom and Papa?
It was SO fun!!! Oh my goodness I got to see all kinds of new things and meet new peoples!!!
See how much fun I'm having???
And this is my new Papa, he is extra fun and very interesting to watch!!!
My Mom and Papa love how one of my ears is floppy and the other stands up!
THEN after all that wiggling around I got sleepy so I took a snuggly nap in Mom's lap!

Then when we got to my new home I got to meet my new sister Madie and I love her but she's not sure about me yet. I think she doesn't know what to think about me but hopefully she will play with me soon.
I looooooove to snuggle!!!
Then I got really sleeeeeeeepy again and took another snuggly nap!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Cute Bed

Hey check out this new bed Mom and Papa got!!! What do you mean I'm just a little too big for it??? What??? Isn't this for me?
No my butt doesn't hang over the edge...I fit just fine, this bed has to be for me, how could it not be?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Mom's been making Fabric Flowers for Us!

Hi everybody, Mom's been making Fabric Flowers for us!!! They are pretty huh! But I don't like to have a big one on me so she made me a smaller one like Ginger's and I'm okay with it because it doesn't bug me, otherwise I'd protest and say no thank you I don't want it...but if I can't feel it then it's okay!
This one's Gingers, it's super tiny tiny, Mom and Papa say she's gonna be littler than me, so it makes me wonder if Mom and Papa call me their Little-Little will they still call me that when Ginger's Little-er? Maybe they will call her the Littler-Little and I'll still be the Little-Little?
And these ones are "baby" kind and that makes me wonder will I still be Baby? Maybe I'll be Baby and she'll be Puppy? What do you guys think?