Monday, April 05, 2010

Mom's been making Fabric Flowers for Us!

Hi everybody, Mom's been making Fabric Flowers for us!!! They are pretty huh! But I don't like to have a big one on me so she made me a smaller one like Ginger's and I'm okay with it because it doesn't bug me, otherwise I'd protest and say no thank you I don't want it...but if I can't feel it then it's okay!
This one's Gingers, it's super tiny tiny, Mom and Papa say she's gonna be littler than me, so it makes me wonder if Mom and Papa call me their Little-Little will they still call me that when Ginger's Little-er? Maybe they will call her the Littler-Little and I'll still be the Little-Little?
And these ones are "baby" kind and that makes me wonder will I still be Baby? Maybe I'll be Baby and she'll be Puppy? What do you guys think?

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