Wednesday, March 28, 2007

China Cuteness!

Hi everyone, my Papa took some photos of me because he says I look very cute and Mom says that they are very cute too, so I figured I better share them with you.
They really like my muzzle and they like to grab it and kissle it (kissle is a snuggle with kissie noises) and all kinds of stuff. I don't mind too much because when they do that they pet me more too and I get really happy and wag my tail to let them know I'm glad they think I'm cute.
They also tell me I have a "fuzzie muzzie"! Sometimes so I can get some pets or treats I'll rest my head on their lap and give them "cute eyes" and waggle my tail. Sometimes it works really nice...but they don't like it when I nudge their arm with my nose though.
Okay, now that you think I'm cute YOU can give me some pets or treats too!


The Army of Four said...

Oh CHINA! My goodness! I thought the picture from yesterday of Madie was adorable --- but LOOK AT YOU! Oh, I must tell you, your muzzle would get all KINDS of smoochies and nuzzles around here. WOWZERS, as my brother Zim would roo! And treats, too, I'm just sure of it. You look 200% irresistible!

Melissa said...

Oh thank you Amber! I really try to milk the cuteness for all I can get! When my Auntie Echo visits she gives me kisses and snuggles and then she gives me massages!!!! I love any people that give me massages, I can tell when they are "dog" people! Everyone else acts all weird and so I have to protect my home from them...I also let them know that the price for being in MY home is to pet me! Mom says I can be bossy and tells me not to do it but hey it is my home right?!

hana said...

Oh China, I have to agree you are very cute. But, Mom says I'm the cutest!

PiratesGrrl said...

Your face is so kissable!

The Brat Pack