Monday, September 25, 2006

China & Madie Up and Blogging

Okay so me 'n' Madie wanted our own blog so Mom started one for us. We are going to tell you about our life. We'll share all the pictures Mom takes of us and tell stories of our adventures! Maybe even show you our tricks! We love to get treats, and any bits of food you may want to toss our way. I love to be petted, but Madie would rather play tug or chase after toys that are thrown. We like to play with each other too. I refuse to play tug with her, but I'll occasionally play a short game of keep away with one of her toys. I prefer to wrestle, and chase...much more fun in my opinion.

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Charlene said...

Hey, guys! What a great blog you have. You should be proud and thankful for your Mom. My Mom has pictures of me on her blog, but maybe she should start one for me, too. I'll come back to see what y'all are up to. Pixie.