Thursday, April 17, 2008

All about Madie

Hi there, see me resting on the nice grass though my tunnel?
Then I started to play with my Papa, he was being really silly! Watch this video and you will see how crazy my Papa was being. what do you think? Is my Papa crazy or what?!?
Then they were having me to my best trick, Bang! Dead Dog!

Cool trick huh?
You might wonder where China is...well she was just laying down resting at Mom and Papa's feet "helping" them film.


The Army of Four said...

Wowzers, Madie! You're so talented!!! Great trick!
If your papa is "silly and crazy" like you say, then he's just MY KIND OF GUY! I love that in a biped! Ha roo roo roo! Some people say I'M silly and crazy .... hmmm...
Play bows,

Sparky said...

Wow Madie, you're really good at the Bang Dead Dog trick! I've never seen anyone do it better than you just did.

I hope you all have a grrrreat weekend!


Peanut said...

why was your dad growling at you? That is a really good trick you can do.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Madie!
Sounds like you Dad was having fun growling at you!
I love your trick! You are very smart!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Joe Stains said...

We were barking at your Dad right along with you!! Looks like a nice day where you are!!

Melissa said...

Ya my Papa is really really fun, don't worry Peanut my Papa was only playing with me we like to do that and I have fun barking at him and stuff.