Sunday, December 31, 2006

...Ummm...What's on my face?

Hey could you tell me what's on my face? My Mom looked at me and started laughing...she does that every now and then but this time she laughed a whole lot and took pictures of me! And I know something is on my face cuz I can't get it OFF! You can click on my picture to see closer.


Elizabeth said...

Hi China and Maddie,
Thnaks for stopping by. I get stuff on my face too,I hate when mommy pulls it off. It hurts my fur.
I had a great party. I love to play tug. I play tug with my daddy.
Miss Candi

Candi Harris said...

Hey China & Maddie,
I just can't figure out how our Mom's know when we do these things???? (As I'm licking my mom's hand as she types this for me). Just cause I've got her "fuzzy thread" all wrapped around me, does that really mean I'm into her baskets? Sheesh! Can't figure these folks of ours out!:)
HUGZ:) and Licks to ya,

hana said...

Hello China and Madie! Thanks for visiting my bloggy. My mom has been making me necklaces and a lot of her friends have been making them too. Comet and BLU got some new ones this past weekend that their girl made.

One thing we neglected to mention in the "How To" is that for very furry dogs, you don't have to use a whole bunch of ribbon to cover the elastic cord. But, if the doggie is short haired, then you should use a lot of ribbon to completely cover the cord. Sometimes it take a bit of experimenting.

You two are stylish dressers I see, from your blog.

Ivy said...

hey hey madie! i think that thing on your face says you cost a dollar ninety-nine... but if you can get it off then you will be priceless!