Friday, February 23, 2007

My Squirrel

Hi this is my squirrel toy that is my favorite! Do you see that green string on it? Well my Papa tied that on my squirrel and it made my squirrel way more fun! Now my squirrel flys through the air and bounces around a lot! I'm resting on my squirrel in this picture to make sure it doesn't get away and start playing without me.


PiratesGrrl said...

That squirrel looks like serious fun! BTW, we think you're reeeeally cute!

The Brat Pack

The Army of Four said...

Wow, what a fun toy!!! Your dad is really smart to be able to make it fly!
We LOVE that picture of China saluting! That is really great! We salute YOUR dad for his service to our nation -- thank roo for serving in uniform!!! Our dad was in the Army for 27 years - :).
We'd love to add a link to your blog on our sidebar - OK?
Thanks for visiting!