Friday, May 18, 2007

We've Been Tagged!

We've been tagged by our Mom to tell seven things about US!

  1. I don't like playing with toys or's just silly! I will get something and pick it up and bring it to my Mom or Papa IF they ask me to...I'm a very good girl like that.
  2. One time I caught a jack rabbit when me and my friends were chasing them! That was when we lived in California the last time. Mom and Papa didn't let me chase them anymore after that....who knows why it was my proudest moment! I brought it to them to share the fruits of my labor and everything but they told me to drop it and then I never found out what happened to it!
  3. I'm a mama's girl, and I stick to my mama like glue...where she goes I go...and if I don't get to go I'm very upset about it...I don't understand why they choose to leave the house with out me there to protect them! If I am not right by my mom guarding her then I am very close nearby and I must be able to get to her at a moments notice! It's my duty you know.
  4. When anyone enters my house they must pay the required penalty pet me a lot...if they do not pay this fee I will continuously huff and puff at them...NO EXCEPTIONS!
  5. The only vegetable that I really like raw is tomatoes, and Mom tells me that they technically are a fruit! I love fruit though! But I will eat other veggies if Madie is getting them...she can't have it all to herself that just wouldn't be right!
  6. I don't like fake rubber, no plastic...icky! I have to have the real thing or it's not worth my chewing!
  7. I'm least that's what Mom calls it...I don't like to touch wet grass or walk in tall grass...I don't like to go out if it's raining. I have a real aversion to water the only kind I like is what's in my water bowl (or if Madie is getting a bath HAHA)!
  1. I love people! Any people, if I see them I want to meet them! My favorite kind of people is KIDS!!!!!!!!! They are always the most fun of all!
  2. I love to tease China! I bow over one of my toys and then I bark at her...I just stay there and do that a few times...really get her staring at me and hunting me....then...I peel out!!!!! And she'll chase me! It's a blast! The best part is I can fit places she can't so I laugh at her from under the ottoman!
  3. I love to have fun! I love my toys! I love squeaking my toys! I love tugging! I love chasing Papa! I just plain love to have FUN!
  4. I love Food! Any food...if it's edible then I eat it!
  5. I love to snuggle and have nap time with my Mom or Papa
  6. I always wish I could lick people's teeth...they always smell so yummy...why won't they let me lick their teeth? I always ask them "Hey, hey your teeth smell good...can I lick your teeth?" but they always say no!
  7. My name used to be Madison or Maddie but when Mom and Papa adopted me they spell my name differently as Madie and they never call me Madison. My Auntie Joyce is the one who named me, because I used to live with her before my Mom and Papa adopted me. Mom and Papa say they spell it that way because they like to call me Mad-Dog and sometimes they call me Mad-Butt too...they can be so silly!
Okay that's it for us! Mom tagged:
Army of Four (all 4)
Got Chocolate
And we are going to tag:
Joe Stains and Tanner
And that totals 5 tags from our household!


The Army of Four said...

Hey China: I don't like getting my feety-feet wet, either. Woo.
And Madie: I love snuggling, too. I am VERY cuddly.

Joe Stains said...

I cant imagine what you would have had to do to get the nickname MAD BUTT!! haha. China sounds a bit too delicate for us!

Melissa said...

Hey Joey who you callin' delicate! I love to play chase and wrestle ya know!!! I just don't like water on my paws is all...

Well China says I have a broken butt like Tanner so that's why they call me Mad-Butt! But hey they call China Mutt-Head! LOL

Maddie & Frankie said...

Hi China & Madie!

We see your Momma tagged us with the 7 things thingy :-)
We will be posting in a few!

Sibe Kisses and Lab Big Lick~
Frankie Girl and Maddie