Saturday, April 14, 2007

China's Tricks

Hi everyone, back when my Papa was in Kuwait for a year I had Mom make a video of my tricks for him and to show other people there too. We made this video in Dec. 2004. I wanted you all to see it so Mom uploaded it to YouTube and here it is!


Maddie & Frankie said...


Your video you made for your Papa while he was away working hard is
AWESOME! You are a total star!
Who taught you do do all those cool tricks!? You are totally cool
in the trickster department.
I showed this vid to my mom and she is getting ideas in her head!
I will once againe need to remind her I am a Siberian......sigh
We don't chase balls and do tricks so much.
P.s. I paw linked up to you girls.

Great Video China!
Frankie Girl

Melissa said...

Frankie Girl,
I don't chase balls's kinda silly but I do love to do tricks because I love to make my Mom happy and she gets very happy when I do them and even will give me food and treats!
Tell your Mom about Clicker training, we have a link in the sidebar of our blog too. Basically we do cool stuff and our Mom (or whoever) clicks you for stuff you do and when you hear the click you get a treat! THEN all you have to do is do what got you the treat again over and over and WALLA you get your Mom to click you and give you treats! Your Mom will think she's teaching you but really you are teaching her! *wink*

The Army of Four said...

Oh, WOWZERS! You are so talented, China! I like the salute bestest of all - that and hearin how happy you made your mama!
We're with Frankie in the "we don't fetch and do tricks" department ... but hey, we're Sibes ... that's who we are. (Dave fetches, though.)
Play bows,

Melissa said...

Again I say I do NOT chase balls either or tug that's Madie's department. (She's the silly Fluppy) My goal in life is to please my Mom, and get food and pets from whomever I I do my tricks for them. Clicker Training is based purely on science so any animal can learn anything using the scientific principles behind it. Even humans do things based on those principles. The best part is it's positive and I get what I want while Mom gets what she wants...I don't mind because like I said I get what I want out of the deal! Just think of it as a Mission to get clicks and treats! You guys should research it and teach your Mom how to give you what you really want! *wink* You don't have to do anything humiliating you know you could teach her to let you do cool Sibe things! Madie still has a lot to learn in that department...she gets too excited and forgets that she can make Mom click by repeating what she did...she's catching on show how silly she is I'll tell you she'll roll over onto her back in "Dead Dog" and just stay there for loooooooong periods of time just because she's hoping Mom will toss her a bite! Silly Fluppy!

Beadin' Gram said...

I'm so glad you mentioned Doggie's Bliss blog on CQI. It is wonderful -- thanks so much for sharing it with us -- and my best wishes to you all.