Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our Walk 1 April 2007

Hey guess what we went to a place called Euchee Creek and went for a walk! We got to sniff all kinds of stuff!
See how pretty it is? Lots of sniffs to sniff!
Here's us on our walk, we asked Mom to take a photo of us.
We kept seeing lizards too! But Mom and Papa wouldn't let us chase them.
We saw some pretty flowers too but we would rather chase the lizards or sniff for wild animals! Mom and Papa kept stopping to take pictures of the flowers. Mom put up photos of the flowers on the garden blog. We really wish we could take photos of the sniffs we smelled but Mom says it doesn't work like that. Too bad.

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The Army of Four said...

Ooooh, girls! That looks like SUCH a fun walk and I would love to pounce lizards with you! But that bridge -- that's a wee bit scary-looking! Were you scared at all? I think I might have been! It looks like a trippy-trap bridge and there could be a troll or something underneath!
PS: You two are VERY brave!!!