Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm not a sheep yet they shear me!

Yup...I got a haircut...at least they gave me a very tasty bone for being a very good girl!


Peanut said...

I'm so sorry. No treat can make up for that abuse.

Joe Stains said...

wow I cant believe you sit so still for that torture! I would have been FREAKING out

The Army of Four said...

Oh, that's so scary! I have to have my snowshoes trimmed sometimes and I don't care for that! I can't imagine having the REST of me clipped!
PS: We have a garden-related post up today that you might enjoy! :) (Thursday)

Lorenza said...

Oh, Madie. Sure you deserved that tasty bone. You stayed there so still while you got the haircut!
You are a good girl.
Have a nice day

Sparky said...

My human Lizzy says I often look like a brown sheep. I have to get lots of hair cuts because my fur never quits growing!


The Army of Four said...

China: You can come wrestle with us any time! Woo!
Did you see Ammy's post about the snowball bush? Ha woooo, she's so funny!